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Inside the Colorado County assemblies

Dana goes undercover (well for one) and then gets an important job at the other county assembly he attended. Has some wild stories to share. Then Rachel and I talk about Bernie's big night, Cruz's bad weekend, and North Carolina's horrific embarrassment of an anti-LGBTQ bill that's making them a pariah to their own business interest. Nice going assholes. Also, stuff. And things. Not to mention topics, subjects, talking points, and discussion. Tune in, won't you? Thank you. 

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Trump drunk Tweets and North Carolina rolls back the clock

We cover quite a bit of ground tonight. From the men of SCOTUS looking for the mythical contraception-only ACA plan, to North Carolina trying to outlaw gayness and trans people peeing in public bathrooms, to Tuesday's primaries and caucuses, to Trump hittin' the sauce and the Twitter at the same time (bad idea), to tragedy in Brussels, and ending with Ben Carson on The View, which went about as well as you'd expect. Sit back and enjoy. Or just enjoy. Ostensibly you could listen while standing, if you're some kind of weird anti-sitting freak. 

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Obama goes to Cuba and Ted Cruz goes insane

Not that the two are related, but Ted Cruz announced his national security team, and boy is it a veritable who's who of batshit crazy, like the retired general who thinks Jesus is set to return riding a white horse, wearing a robe soaked with the blood of his enemies, and packing an AR-15. No, seriously. It's Crazytown up in here. Gotta outdo Trump somehow. Then we talk about Cuba and the modern history of Cuba-U.S. relations for way longer than most of you are probably interested in listening, but you will anyway, because we've mastered the art of subliminal influence. <o><0>

Also, some local Colorado stuff. So enjoy. (We know you will)

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Happy St. Patty’s Day! Garland SCOTUS talk, Bernie, and more..

So first, we discuss Bernie not giving up and hatching a brilliant superdeleagte mind-changing scheme. Ok, so maybe it isn't that brilliant, but he's not giving up, and neither are we, dammit. Then we take a shot of whiskey. Next Rachel goes deep into everything you need to know about Merrick Garland, who is most decidedly not Irish. But very Jewish, which would make 4 on the SCOTUS. We're taking over.. Then, a shot of whiskey. Finally, Trump prepares to usher in 1000 years of darkness for the GOP, starting in Cleveland. Because honestly, where else would you start something like that?

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CO County convention and politics… and a lil Trump debacle talk

Molly joins us to recap her 1st experience.......

as a county delegate. Gee, what were you thinking, pervs.. No, it wasn't all that sexy, but it was enlightening. Also we talk about TABOR, the awful, horrible, terrible no good Colorado state law that lets bridges collapse, schools disintegrate, and doctors get their Medicaid reimbursement slashed so we can get a $50 tax rebate check. Sound stupid? It is. Also, we can't ignore the elephant in the room, and again, I bet you though I was about to make a Chris Christie joke. Jeez, you guys are terrible. No, it's the guy he's been kidnapped by..err..endorsing, yea endorsing. So, yup, we talk about Trump, and how it's not really fun watching the train wreck anymore. 

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Talking the state of the primaries with Greg Dworkin

Greg Dworkin from Kagro in the Morning, author the Pundit Round-up on Daily Kos, and other various podcast guest appearances joins us to wag his finger at us upstart millennials and our iPads and Bernie stickers. No, not really. Despite the age difference, we're basically on the same page as far as our thoughts on this election cycle. But we might have a dance-off at some point regardless. My money's on Greg. 

Hear Greg (just about) every morning on: Kagro In the Morning

In other news, Irreverent Testimony on Netroots Radio could be imminent.. so stay tuned!

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Bernie Upset in Michigan and LGBTQ issues talk with Will McLeod

Will from The Hopping Mad Podcast joins us to analyze, dissect, and overthink Bernie's surprise win in Michigan on Tuesday. Then we delve into LGBTQ issues, and Rachel brings the thought provoking data (and talking) points, as she does. Great talk and a must-hear. Gather grandma and the nieces and nephews for this one. 

As an aside, you might notice an unusual music selection. It's topical, so deal with it. :)

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Big news in Michigan, as Bernie defies the odds and wins the state the polls said he had no chance in. An omen for big upcoming contests or an anomaly? Even though that's the story of the night, Hillary still expands her lead thanks to a huge rout in Mississippi. The South has been a nightmare for the Sanders campaign, and it keeps getting worse. 

In other news, a new irreverent testimonial from our new friend  Nathan (thanks to Molly), telling us all about caucusing in Nebraska. Now if we could just track down an Iowan, Nevadan, and a Mainer. Maybe they'll all walk into a bar... 

Finally, Rachel and Dana find their way in for a nightcap and Rachel explains why her dad (and probably mine) thinks Trump is the best thing since sliced bread. Spoiler: it's mostly parroted Trumpisms. 

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Sunday check in - 1st hand account of KS caucuses

We check in with Brenna, who was a Bernie caucus captain yesterday and informs us that the process there was much different from ours. Good to know. In the 2d half, we discuss the legacy of Nancy Reagan and talk about the upcoming week. 

On the Nancy topic, check out a good (funny) podcast about the 1980s "Just Say No" campaign: Just Say No!

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Super Saturday thoughts and musings

Just a quickie, as Rachel, Molly and Trav wrap up the 4 Republican and 3 Democratic contests tonight. SPOILER ALERT: Not much changed. But the media will be frothing over Cruz inching closer in the delegate count after a rout in Kansas. Meh.. whatever. We're still feelin' the Bern, but the math is becoming daunting. 

Meanwhile, Travis was on Kagro in the morning yesterday:
And Rachel and I will be on Hopping Mad with Arliss Bunny this coming Monday the 7th:
All kinds of guests coming up.. it's an exciting time to be Irreverent with us. 

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