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Post Caucus/Super Tuesday recap

We all went and did our part, and then some. We even walked away with newly appointed positions within the Colorado Democratic party. Boy will that be some hangover tomorrow... but it was worth it. We helped Bernie win Colorado (one of a precious few wins on the night) and also actually helped Colorado Dems surpass turnout from 2008, wherein every other state thus far has been lagging. So go us, and stuff.. 

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Super Tuesday eve/leap year day something..

Molly joins me and Rachel gets the night off as we talk about the upcoming Super Tuesday primaries and caucuses, with a look towards our own right here in Colorado, wherein I'll be taking an active role and the GOP will be pissing off and confusing a lot of their constituents, apparently. Also some general musings about the state of the election and so forth. 

But most importantly, tune in for our LIVE Super Tuesday Webcast spectacular, hosted by Pierre! (remember that guy?) We'll all be Skyping in from our various Caucus sties with live updates, news, possibly brawl footage and god knows what else. Starting Tuesday March 1st at 6:30 pm MT/7:30 Central, etc. 

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