Big news in Michigan, as Bernie defies the odds and wins the state the polls said he had no chance in. An omen for big upcoming contests or an anomaly? Even though that's the story of the night, Hillary still expands her lead thanks to a huge rout in Mississippi. The South has been a nightmare for the Sanders campaign, and it keeps getting worse. 

In other news, a new irreverent testimonial from our new friend  Nathan (thanks to Molly), telling us all about caucusing in Nebraska. Now if we could just track down an Iowan, Nevadan, and a Mainer. Maybe they'll all walk into a bar... 

Finally, Rachel and Dana find their way in for a nightcap and Rachel explains why her dad (and probably mine) thinks Trump is the best thing since sliced bread. Spoiler: it's mostly parroted Trumpisms. 
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