We're back from the deep freeze to discuss the USPS crisis, the pick of Kamala Harris for VP nom, and various other topics du jour. Spoiler: We're still pissed off. 

Raw Story's Sarah Burris is back with us as we end our hiatus and talk about the new reality of protests, COVID, and various depressing whatnot. Grab some booze for this one. Oh we also get into Lady G, Epstein, sports, and other stuff. A veritable smorgasbord of topics, so there's bound ot be one you care about.  

Artist, writer, professor, and activist Lauri Lynnxe Murphy joins us talk about how the COVID quarantine "closing" the economy is a misnomer, and how it's affecting artists and the self-employed, along with the inequity in the "relief" being doled out by the federal government. We also get into politics, and how progressives shouldn't be too eager to give the Democratic party a blank check. 

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Medium: https://medium.com/@laurilynnxemurphy

Fb: https://m.facebook.com/lynnxe

Twitter: Twitter.com/lynnxe

@laurilynnxe on Insta (where she is politics free)

This week on a special quarantine edition of the show, Rachel binges on Waco and talks to Eli about the new Netflix show. Spoilers to the max so watch it before you listen to this. Other topics include religion and the pandemic.

As if there wasn't enough to worry about, a deadly pandemic isn't stopping anti-choices crusaders from doing, well.. what they do. In fact, many see it as an opportunity to curtail rights. Today Karen Middleton and Justine Sandoval from Cobalt Colorado (Formerly CO NARAL) join us to discuss these challenges, and the ones that don't stop, pandemic or not. 

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Justine's Twitter: @justa_jus

Sigh. Well, most are, but.. we kvetch about our dumb neighbors who aren't, then we kvetch about Star Trek: Picard. It's a kvetch-fest. Join us, won't you?

Sigh... you know where this is going. 1st half is all COVID all the time, 2nd half we give some TV/movie/book recommendations while we're all (hopefully) quarantined. Seriously. 

Seriously. It;s hard to explain what a dumb place we're in right now. Speaking of which, the most talented, qualified, prepared candidate on the Dem race drops out, much to our chagrin, and we explain why Biden has vaulted to an insurmountable advantage. 

Apparently, no one. So we're here to provide some knowledge and guidance on how to protect yourself, and if necessary, keep the virus from spreading to others (because even if you get it, you'll probably be ok). Meanwhile we've entered the part of the DEM primary where everyone gets stupid. So we have some things to say about that. 

We last did this in 2016, and now we have a whole lot of angst to heap on Greg about Mike Bloomberg and the erasure of Elizabeth Warren. And we.. well, we discuss it. A lively back and forth, as we express the misgivings of people in our age cohort. Buckle up. 

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