Sigh... you know where this is going. 1st half is all COVID all the time, 2nd half we give some TV/movie/book recommendations while we're all (hopefully) quarantined. Seriously. 

Seriously. It;s hard to explain what a dumb place we're in right now. Speaking of which, the most talented, qualified, prepared candidate on the Dem race drops out, much to our chagrin, and we explain why Biden has vaulted to an insurmountable advantage. 

Apparently, no one. So we're here to provide some knowledge and guidance on how to protect yourself, and if necessary, keep the virus from spreading to others (because even if you get it, you'll probably be ok). Meanwhile we've entered the part of the DEM primary where everyone gets stupid. So we have some things to say about that. 

We last did this in 2016, and now we have a whole lot of angst to heap on Greg about Mike Bloomberg and the erasure of Elizabeth Warren. And we.. well, we discuss it. A lively back and forth, as we express the misgivings of people in our age cohort. Buckle up. 

You know the one.. Yea him. No we're not "never" Bloomberg, but, we're damn close. Don't make us do it. Meanwhile there's a bunch of other stuff that's pissing Rachel off, so listen to us kvetch some more. You love it. 

We're back, and we get to the Kabuki theater that is impeachment in the US Senate. Then we get into the Dem primary and some Colorado politics. And we get salty. Big surprise, huh?

Oh boy we go again. The "mainstream" and "liberal" media join Fox in rubbing themselves raw in anticipation of another big juicy war to cover, while our dads tell us this was really a great move and this guy they had never heard of until we assassinated him was a really bad guy who was about to drone their suburban 3/2 ranch style house on .25 acres, and then you'd be sorry! Meanwhile, SCOTUS is primed to possibly overturn Roe this summer but you probably haven't heard about that. Yea, there's that too. Otherwise, it's a great start to the year. 

Since last year's Die Hard movie commentary was such a hit, this year we decided to do the same for 1988's Scrooged starring Bill Murray. 

To sync the commentary with the movie, start this track as soon as you see the Paramount Logo. 

We give you some of everything here. Talking about the fake War on Christmas, how JK Rowling is an obnoxious hateful TERF, a movie review, and Rachel even calls Terry Gross the c-word. Oh, and there's a state rep in Washington planning an armed takeover of the federal government. So that's nice. Also a lil bit o' impeachment, 

There's f'n Christmas sh*t everywhere... like every year. Damn. Maybe next year we'll stop it. anyway, the Dem debate is endanger as workers where it's supposed to held are striking, and our party doesn't cross picket lines. Meanwhile Cenk Uygur is a misogynist creep and he can go f- himself. Yea, @ me, bros. Oh and some more impeachment stuff. 

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