We try to unpack the massacre at the mosques in New Zealand, and peoples' reaction to it, along with updates on the emerging Dem POTUS field, Trump's veto, and stuff. 

Conveniently, right after Bill Barr is confirmed as AG, Chelsea Manning is back on the DOJ's radar. We break it down, and let you know what you can do to show support. 

In other news, everything still sucks! :D  

Oh, and there's a movie review. 


Show support for Chelsea:


Chelsea Manning legal fund:

Will and Arliss from the Hopping Mad podcast join us to talk about some thangs... but mostly we just focus on the 2020 Dem primary field. Or at least, as many names as we could think of and get in to a 90 minute segment. Then Rachel and Trav delve into the Cohen testimony and various other current stuff. 

Find them here on Twitter: https://twitter.com/IMHoppingMad

We're not Ebert and Roper but you'll listen anyway. Then we dissect the clusterfuck in Virginia, and some various other clusterfucks. Plenty abound. 

The worst campaign rollout in history is underway and the media can't get enough of trying to make it interesting. It isn't. Meanwhile, we're 2 weeks away from another potential shutdown, or something, and Rachel has a whole bunch of other stuff that's been under the radar. 

<you finish the sentence>

A long one as we talk all things end of shutdown (for now), then get into some local CO and under the radar stuff around the country. So buckle in.. this one's a doozy. 


The shutdown has to end sometime.. doesn't it? Let's dive in. Meanwhile, other stuff happening and Rachel is mad about stuff. No we're not mailing this one in.. are we?

We're now into the longest government shutdown ever and The President thinks that's just awesome. Meanwhile he might just name himself king, and he's definitely a Russian agent. Also, Steve King is still racist and his GOP colleagues are finally pretending to notice and care. How's it going, GOP? 

The President is a foreign agent and he's shutting the government down to get his racist wall, but how are you?

It's our year in review extravaganza.. with some shutdown shenanigan updates for good measure. Bye 2018. It's been... something. 

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