We welcome a new member to the IT mafia. Rachel Hutcheson (gourmet cook and pro wedding florist extraordinaire) joins us as we ask rhetorically whether Carly is going to enchant lady folks in droves the way she's enchanting 50+ conservative men, by virtue of her lady parts. Her take may (will not) surprise you. 

Also, Trump winks flirtatiously at holdout Obama birthers and spews anti-vaccer swill, Carson hates Muslims, gay people finally gettin' lucky in Kentucky (no thanks to Kim Davis) and the Scott Walker campaign crashed and burns. Also, inventive young nerds who bring harmless inventions to school should be prosecuted, per besites: Dick Dawkins, Bill Maher, and Sarah Palin. (If they have brown skin and Muslim names that is) 
Travis recounts getting violently ill after enduring 5 hours of GOP debates (true story) and Pierre thinks Hillary and Carly should have a robot duel like at the end of Robocop. 
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