Yesterday, Rachel and I, along with our supporters, went to the Colorado state capitol and delivered over 63,000 signatures asking for the resignation of stet Rep. Joann Windholz. You might have seen us on the news. In case you missed it, the whole story is here:

We discuss what we've done so far, what's next, and the broader goals of the committee we formed in terms of protecting women's reproductive rights and fighting back against the anti-choice drumbeat that inspires violence like the terrorism against a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs. This Committee's work is just beginning. 
In other news, Trump does something Trumpy (in otherwords, WTF? and how does he get away with it? Rachel think he finally went too far) Clinton and O'Malley want an off-the-(DNC) books debate and it's actually Bernie that gets all "establishment" and says wait let's hold on a sec.. Who knew? And finally, the Great Oregon bird sanctuary militia takeover of 2016 does end in some bloodshed after all. Hopefully none further. 
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