We're live streaming the New Hampshire primary results tonight again, and we got a fancy new webcam ($20 on Amazon) so you can see our gorgeous telegenic faces in super-ultra high def realism and clarity... or at least that's what the box says. You be the judge. See us discuss the live returns and pontificate about what it all means, with the off chance that some of it might be factually correct! 

Will the runaway Bernie locomotive hit into high gear or will Hillary shock everyone like she did in NH in '08? Will Trump finally not be a loser, and if he does will he cry and wail and kvetch like an old lady who got to the deli 10 mins. too late for the early bird special and demands to see the manager? Will Rubio declare himself king of the universe and deliver a 2 hour victory speech with a 3d place finish? 
The fun starts at 6:30 MT, 8:30 EST. Tune in! (turning on and dropping out however are completely optional)
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