This one has less of the humor and joke sounds, etc. as we're still fairly sick about yet another massacre at the altar of the almighty 2d Amendment. Instead of the usual pontificating, we try to sort out the fact from fiction of what we know about yesterday's events. (so far very little)

Next Rachel explains how mansplaining and arrogantly cutting off Cecile Richards while spewing bullshit that had nothing to do with the alleged reason for the hearing in the 1st place might not have been the best look for Congressional Republicans as far as outreach to women, if that's still a thing any Republican pretends they still might be interested. (Spoiler: it isn't)
Finally, we examine the latest in the Kanye..errr..Pope n Kim saga. We're not so sure he even knew who she was, but he does now. Lucky him. 
Also: Hate mail repository is live! Hit us with your best shot:
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