Our first episode after the Paris attacks. Sorry it's been a while, but we make up for it with some important facts and, as usual, cunning insights. In the days...well, now weeks since the attacks in Paris, we've seen knee-jerk overreactions, anti-immigrant votes based on speculation and fear, and pandering to racists. And that's just certain Democratic members of Congress. The reaction from GOP presidential hopefuls is.. well, what you'd expect Basically, nauseating and as neo-Fascist as you can get without calling it that. Which leads in to another topic, the "PC police" that conservatives decry now seem to apply only to domestic right-wing terrorists. Oh yea, they're still out there too. Happy Thanksgiving!

Hate mail address is now working: irreverenttestimony@gmail.com
My story on under-the-radar right wing church/synagogue bombing plot foiled earlier this month: http://www.dailykos.com/stories/2015/11/21/1452985/-Meanwhile-less-than-2-weeks-ago-the-FBI-broke-up-a-terrorist-plot-right-here-in-the-U-S
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