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And now, a word from my spokesman..

Who just happens to sound exactly like me in tone, syntax, inflection, and incredible insecurity. The Donald likes to play little games like this, but that suits Paul Ryan, apparently. Also, lots of local stuff to discuss like an intrepid young high school student standing up to school board bullies (i.e. cheap Republican assholes driving out qualified teachers).

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Interview with CO House 30 candidate Dafna Michaelson Jenet

As we've discussed repeatedly, we have organized to take back the Colorado House seat in District 30 from Joann Windholz, and last night we interviewed a very interesting candidate who is set to challenge Windholz in November. Dafna (pronounced Dahf-nah) Michaelson Jenet is running as a Democrat and has quite an impressive resume of public works and community outreach she brings to the table. Rachel, Dana and I ask some tough questions and Mrs. Michaelson Jenet has some very interesting answers. You don't want to miss this.

Regularly scheduled kvetching will resume next episode. 

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Inside the Colorado County assemblies

Dana goes undercover (well for one) and then gets an important job at the other county assembly he attended. Has some wild stories to share. Then Rachel and I talk about Bernie's big night, Cruz's bad weekend, and North Carolina's horrific embarrassment of an anti-LGBTQ bill that's making them a pariah to their own business interest. Nice going assholes. Also, stuff. And things. Not to mention topics, subjects, talking points, and discussion. Tune in, won't you? Thank you. 

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Our very first political rally, and politics du jour

Yesterday, Rachel and I, along with our supporters, went to the Colorado state capitol and delivered over 63,000 signatures asking for the resignation of stet Rep. Joann Windholz. You might have seen us on the news. In case you missed it, the whole story is here:

We discuss what we've done so far, what's next, and the broader goals of the committee we formed in terms of protecting women's reproductive rights and fighting back against the anti-choice drumbeat that inspires violence like the terrorism against a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs. This Committee's work is just beginning. 
In other news, Trump does something Trumpy (in otherwords, WTF? and how does he get away with it? Rachel think he finally went too far) Clinton and O'Malley want an off-the-(DNC) books debate and it's actually Bernie that gets all "establishment" and says wait let's hold on a sec.. Who knew? And finally, the Great Oregon bird sanctuary militia takeover of 2016 does end in some bloodshed after all. Hopefully none further. 

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Happy (belated) New Year!

We've got brave armed patriots bravely commandeering an unmanned bird watching sanctuary in rural Oregon, Donald Trump re-litigating Bill Clinton's lechery, Congress finally getting an Obamacare repeal/PPA defunding bill passed! (which was promptly vetoed), and some other odds and ends to tackle. Including some local political action right here in Denver. Both Hutchesons join in the fun, so have a listen, won't you? Thank you. 

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Recall JoAnn Windholz with Steve Cohn

The IT team has now officially gone beyond mere podcasting, and we have started a political movement. Rachel and I have linked up with fellow local Denver-area activists Steve Cohn and Naomi Bigwood (who coincidentally at the same time as us, decided to start a recall movement). On this podcast, we discuss Rep. Windholz's comments, and why they have spurred us into action. We have begun a political committee to recall Rep. Windholz, and the national media has begun to cover it. 

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