Happy Pride! Some stuff about that, then we test our knowledge of every single Dem candidate taking the debate stage in 12 days. We know more than we thought. Then the latest on Orange Man and his never-ending crime spree. 

So, we scream and carry on about that. Meanwhile, Dem leadership is slow-playing impeachment because they're about 30 years in the past, so we scream and carry on about that. Rachel tries to go for 5+ swear words a minute. 

Our good friend and movement warrior extraordinaire Emma Lee joins us to lament the current state of affairs in reproductive rights. Spoiler: it's fuckin scary. And infuriating. And hopefully political poisonous. Meanwhile Trump and his minions keep laughing manically while wiping their asses with various pages of the Constitution, to which Dem leadership says "wait for 2020." Sound stupid? It is! 

Pelosi and Dem establishment just kind of shrug while Trump and his minions wipe their ass with Constitution parchment then set them aflame (for now) and say "see you in 2020.. if we still have a functioning Republic!" Meanwhile an update on Chelsea Manning and lots of Colorado stuff. 

Joe is in and we.... have some thoughts on that. Meanwhile, a state judge defies ICE commandeering her courtroom and pays the price, Rachel scrutinizes Travis for his unprofessionality in scarfing down a burrito on the air, and we kvetch about Bernie some more. 

No we don't partake so we don't really care. Meanwhile we get into some other stuff besides Muellerpallooza (don't worry, we get to that in the 2nd half). Does anyone remember an 18 year old girl drove from Miami to Denver to shoot up Columbine High? Yea that happened. Other stuff too. Check it out. 

Uncle Joe tries some damage control but forgets the "control" part, Some other guys are running whether you know or care (you probably don't), tackling white supremacy in your local arts scene, and is it possible to talk sense to anti-vaccers? 

And a bunch more on Chelsea Manning, who is not getting nearly enough coverage. Spolier: Don't believe what you read and here. 

Barr releases a terse memo that says nothing, so naturally Trump yells exoneration and the media agrees. We dissect what this might mean and what it doesn't, all from a vacation spot in the mountains. The things we do for you..

We try to unpack the massacre at the mosques in New Zealand, and peoples' reaction to it, along with updates on the emerging Dem POTUS field, Trump's veto, and stuff. 

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