Don't look now but the Supreme Court is poised to roll back LGBTQ+ rights decades, and the only question is whether they will drop a political hornets nest and contradict themselves right before an election. Meanwhile there's a building class war and guess which class is the aggressor. Also a brief update on impeachment. 

How deep does this Ukraine thing go? Let's ask Rudy. We also dig into the text messages between Volker and Trump's rich asshole buddy who got the EU ambassador gig for no reason other than.. well.. being Trump's rich asshole friend. Buckle up. 

Impeachment is officially underway, and we give you the basics. How did we get here, what happens next, etc. Then we get into some local and state stuff.. because, well it's our podcast and we make the rules. 

We start this one off with, fittingly, a movie review about a whistleblower working in government intelligence. And, well, Cheetoh may have stepped in it this time. Might we finally get to I word Pelosi hisses at like a startled alley cat whenever she hears it? Meanwhile, we delve into "cancel culture" and how the backlash to it, if it's a real thing, sure reeks of excuse-making for sexism and child rape. 

Yup, we've made 200 of these.. Time flies. Raw Story's Sarah Burris joins us as we kvetch about this and that, dish some Trump family gossip, lament some social injustice, and discuss the Dem primary. Oh, we also coin a new species of insect. Lets get #BretBug trending. 

Everything is burning and people are starting to wake up to it.. but it may be too late. In other news the president continues to decompensate and we're here for it, whether we want to be or not. Another uplifting episode for the entire family!

Russia is burning and irradiated, Hong Kong is in chaos, Kashmir is heating up, climate change is heating everything up, but meanwhile here it's just business as usual with mass shooting and heartless ICE raids. We manage to cover it all and then some.. more or less. 

As Dem leadership wobbles and careens in that direction, tepidly. Meanwhile Trump is a racist, and a fascist, and things are getting scary. Also some Epstein updates and border concentration camps (an American citizen was detained for 23 days and conservatives think that's cool, yo.)

It's like when two people in your social circle go on a bad date and it lights up your Facebook feed for like a day, but then a week later the dude is still obsessing over it all over his timeline... In other news, we discuss police brutality, Trump's concentration camps and this n that.  

We cover the ongoing trial of Trump's running buddy and then we cover Trump's racist bile hurled at 4 freshman House members for what it is, sans savvy beltway insider analysis of whether it's politically good or bad for him. 

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