Everything is burning and people are starting to wake up to it.. but it may be too late. In other news the president continues to decompensate and we're here for it, whether we want to be or not. Another uplifting episode for the entire family!

Russia is burning and irradiated, Hong Kong is in chaos, Kashmir is heating up, climate change is heating everything up, but meanwhile here it's just business as usual with mass shooting and heartless ICE raids. We manage to cover it all and then some.. more or less. 

As Dem leadership wobbles and careens in that direction, tepidly. Meanwhile Trump is a racist, and a fascist, and things are getting scary. Also some Epstein updates and border concentration camps (an American citizen was detained for 23 days and conservatives think that's cool, yo.)

It's like when two people in your social circle go on a bad date and it lights up your Facebook feed for like a day, but then a week later the dude is still obsessing over it all over his timeline... In other news, we discuss police brutality, Trump's concentration camps and this n that.  

We cover the ongoing trial of Trump's running buddy and then we cover Trump's racist bile hurled at 4 freshman House members for what it is, sans savvy beltway insider analysis of whether it's politically good or bad for him. 

We discuss the USWNT, who wins all the time, and the pay gap between them and the men, who most decidedly do not win all the time, along with some of the right wing reaction to these opinionated uppity ladies.... who win all the time. That and other odds and ends and the state of the Dem primary and whatnot, but mostly about soccer, as this is a sports-intensive podcast. 

And we cover EVERY single friggin candidate. Yea, even Williamson. Then the atrocities against asylum seekers and other stuff we're extra grumpy about. 

While we argue the semantics, real kids are sick and dying in Border Patrol custody. We discuss things we can and must do to resist. Meanwhile there's a Dem debate coming and another Trump rape victim comes forward, but you might not know it if you watched the Sunday morning politics shows. Another uplifting episode for you. 

Happy Pride! Some stuff about that, then we test our knowledge of every single Dem candidate taking the debate stage in 12 days. We know more than we thought. Then the latest on Orange Man and his never-ending crime spree. 

So, we scream and carry on about that. Meanwhile, Dem leadership is slow-playing impeachment because they're about 30 years in the past, so we scream and carry on about that. Rachel tries to go for 5+ swear words a minute. 

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