Oh boy we go again. The "mainstream" and "liberal" media join Fox in rubbing themselves raw in anticipation of another big juicy war to cover, while our dads tell us this was really a great move and this guy they had never heard of until we assassinated him was a really bad guy who was about to drone their suburban 3/2 ranch style house on .25 acres, and then you'd be sorry! Meanwhile, SCOTUS is primed to possibly overturn Roe this summer but you probably haven't heard about that. Yea, there's that too. Otherwise, it's a great start to the year. 

Since last year's Die Hard movie commentary was such a hit, this year we decided to do the same for 1988's Scrooged starring Bill Murray. 

To sync the commentary with the movie, start this track as soon as you see the Paramount Logo. 

We give you some of everything here. Talking about the fake War on Christmas, how JK Rowling is an obnoxious hateful TERF, a movie review, and Rachel even calls Terry Gross the c-word. Oh, and there's a state rep in Washington planning an armed takeover of the federal government. So that's nice. Also a lil bit o' impeachment, 

There's f'n Christmas sh*t everywhere... like every year. Damn. Maybe next year we'll stop it. anyway, the Dem debate is endanger as workers where it's supposed to held are striking, and our party doesn't cross picket lines. Meanwhile Cenk Uygur is a misogynist creep and he can go f- himself. Yea, @ me, bros. Oh and some more impeachment stuff. 

Travis is back from tour and we prep for confronting our parents during the holidays and  give some tips on how to without losing your mind. We start it off with some history about the Black Panthers (just like dad likes to talk about), and the cops shooting up civilians during rush hour in Miami, among other things. Oh yea and some impeachment stuff too. 

You all get a two-fer as we combine the last two weeks' episodes into one handy download. Lucky you. We discuss some local stuff, the Rodney Reed saga, why we're not at all worried about the Dem primary field (and we how most definitely do not need some centrist rich guy savior to ride to the rescue).. and yea, sure we get to a lil impeachment. 

We experiment with a bit of a new format, not trying to tick every box for the news of the week but instead doing some deeper dives into some topics we want to discuss and some under the radar stuff.. Like it? Hate it? Meh? Let us know. First topic: Teen Vogue. Told you it was different.. 

Don't look now but the Supreme Court is poised to roll back LGBTQ+ rights decades, and the only question is whether they will drop a political hornets nest and contradict themselves right before an election. Meanwhile there's a building class war and guess which class is the aggressor. Also a brief update on impeachment. 

How deep does this Ukraine thing go? Let's ask Rudy. We also dig into the text messages between Volker and Trump's rich asshole buddy who got the EU ambassador gig for no reason other than.. well.. being Trump's rich asshole friend. Buckle up. 

Impeachment is officially underway, and we give you the basics. How did we get here, what happens next, etc. Then we get into some local and state stuff.. because, well it's our podcast and we make the rules. 

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