Well, we did this one. It's more of a therapy session although Riva actually finds some redeemning qualities in this waking nightmare of a film. To sync up with the movie, start the commentary track as soon as the 20th Centruy Fox logo disappears. 

So yea, it's been a hot minute, but I'm back, with a new cohost, Riva, and we're talking about Star wars, cause why the hell not?

To sync the commentary up with the movie start the track as soon as the 20th Centrury logo disappears. We watched the De-specialized version, which can be streamed here: https://archive.org/details/star.-wars.-1977.-despecialized.-720p.x-264.-ac-3.5.1

If all you have is the Special Edition, it won't sync perfectly, but it'll do. 

It's a smorgasbord of randomness as we just let it fly. On the brink of mass vaccination for COVID Republicans defiantly read Green Eggs and Ham as if anyone is trying to stop them, we discuss the phenomenon of "nice guys" and how when a guy tells you he is one you should run screaming, and there's so much anti-Semitism and racism in gaming culture people might not even know when they're regurgitating it. 

Sigh... Did we just get rolled again? Probably. What do you think McConnell promised this time? A pony? A trip to Disney? No witnesses and now vacation time for the Senate. I could use a vacation. Also, we get into Marjorie Taylor Greene's sex life to tell you not to.. Yea, it was a week y'all. 

Looking forward to people looking at this one if 2 years and wondering what the hell was with the title. So it goes with the come and go news cycles. Anyway, we're almost 2 weeks into the Biden Admin and he sure isn't acting like a centrist. Also a move review and some general kvetching. 

So, that happened. And here we thought the GA Senate races would be the big news. Or you know, the pandemic killing 4000+ a day. But, no. We finally had a near-revolution. In service of a mobbed up reality show star. What a country. 

Why not a Thanksgiving movie commentary? To sync up with the movie, start the commentary track as soon as you see the Paramount Logo sequence start. 

Sarah joins us as we talk annything but horserace numbers.. So that's QAnon, bogus Hunter Biden controversies, SCOTUS, and some this n that. Check out Sarah on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SarahBurris

We're back from the deep freeze to discuss the USPS crisis, the pick of Kamala Harris for VP nom, and various other topics du jour. Spoiler: We're still pissed off. 

Raw Story's Sarah Burris is back with us as we end our hiatus and talk about the new reality of protests, COVID, and various depressing whatnot. Grab some booze for this one. Oh we also get into Lady G, Epstein, sports, and other stuff. A veritable smorgasbord of topics, so there's bound ot be one you care about.  

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