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Dear God, make it stop. Make it end… (Another GOP Debate)

Last call y'all... before Monday's Iowa Caucus. No Trump to kick around this time, you big meanies. What was left in this gaping void? A bigger void.. rife with double talk, bald-faced lies, prepared zingers ready to be fired off no matter the question or context, and the harsh, bitter reality of having to answer contradictory campaign rhetoric despite film clips of their own words being shown to them by the moderators. (That part was actually fun... kinda) All in all it was pretty depressing. So since you most assuredly didn't watch, we did the heavy lifting for you, as usual. 

F*ck you
<3, - us

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Our very first political rally, and politics du jour

Yesterday, Rachel and I, along with our supporters, went to the Colorado state capitol and delivered over 63,000 signatures asking for the resignation of stet Rep. Joann Windholz. You might have seen us on the news. In case you missed it, the whole story is here:

We discuss what we've done so far, what's next, and the broader goals of the committee we formed in terms of protecting women's reproductive rights and fighting back against the anti-choice drumbeat that inspires violence like the terrorism against a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs. This Committee's work is just beginning. 
In other news, Trump does something Trumpy (in otherwords, WTF? and how does he get away with it? Rachel think he finally went too far) Clinton and O'Malley want an off-the-(DNC) books debate and it's actually Bernie that gets all "establishment" and says wait let's hold on a sec.. Who knew? And finally, the Great Oregon bird sanctuary militia takeover of 2016 does end in some bloodshed after all. Hopefully none further. 

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Yaayy… another debate

Another god damn debate. On the Democratic side at least. We decided to take a different approach. We went ahead and fact-checked some of the more contentious exchanges. Result? A little of this, a little of that, hey wait a sec.. you fact check the Democrats and not the other side? Hey, we only have an hour for these shows.. not a week. Anyway, another public service for those of you, understandably, who didn't want to sit through another of these. 

Outro music is from yet another songwriter departed too soon. (Lebowski wouldn't like it)

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Another GOP horrorshow..err…debate

I hope Reince Priebus's friends and family kept a close eye on him last night after this one. I think it could have been one of those nights where the culmination of life choices and present situation could make one act recklessly or impulsively. 

Seriously though (and not to minimize mental health issues and suicide) the disgust I was feeling when watching this implosion of what's supposedly a major political party can't compare to what any remaining GOP "strategist" must have been feeling. That is, if any of them still have designs on actually winning the White House, which we're seriously starting to question. That... was ugly. 

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President Obama’s last State of the Union Address

Well, it was the very last one. Bittersweet, as we reflect on the accomplishments, and the way forward. We also delve into some of the GOP freakout, and set the table for the GOP debate. Have a listen, on us. 

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Happy (belated) New Year!

We've got brave armed patriots bravely commandeering an unmanned bird watching sanctuary in rural Oregon, Donald Trump re-litigating Bill Clinton's lechery, Congress finally getting an Obamacare repeal/PPA defunding bill passed! (which was promptly vetoed), and some other odds and ends to tackle. Including some local political action right here in Denver. Both Hutchesons join in the fun, so have a listen, won't you? Thank you. 

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