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Quarantine Topics: Waco

This week on a special quarantine edition of the show, Rachel binges on Waco and talks to Eli about the new Netflix show. Spoilers to the max so watch it before you listen to this. Other topics include religion and the pandemic.

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As if there wasn't enough to worry about, a deadly pandemic isn't stopping anti-choices crusaders from doing, well.. what they do. In fact, many see it as an opportunity to curtail rights. Today Karen Middleton and Justine Sandoval from Cobalt Colorado (Formerly CO NARAL) join us to discuss these challenges, and the ones that don't stop, pandemic or not. 

See the links below:

@karenmiddleton (Twitter)
Justine's Twitter: @justa_jus

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Sigh. Well, most are, but.. we kvetch about our dumb neighbors who aren't, then we kvetch about Star Trek: Picard. It's a kvetch-fest. Join us, won't you?

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