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Turning the page…

We experiment with a bit of a new format, not trying to tick every box for the news of the week but instead doing some deeper dives into some topics we want to discuss and some under the radar stuff.. Like it? Hate it? Meh? Let us know. First topic: Teen Vogue. Told you it was different.. 

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Rights under assault

Don't look now but the Supreme Court is poised to roll back LGBTQ+ rights decades, and the only question is whether they will drop a political hornets nest and contradict themselves right before an election. Meanwhile there's a building class war and guess which class is the aggressor. Also a brief update on impeachment. 

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Down the rabbit hole we go..

How deep does this Ukraine thing go? Let's ask Rudy. We also dig into the text messages between Volker and Trump's rich asshole buddy who got the EU ambassador gig for no reason other than.. well.. being Trump's rich asshole friend. Buckle up. 

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And… it’s official

Impeachment is officially underway, and we give you the basics. How did we get here, what happens next, etc. Then we get into some local and state stuff.. because, well it's our podcast and we make the rules. 

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