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Yup, we've made 200 of these.. Time flies. Raw Story's Sarah Burris joins us as we kvetch about this and that, dish some Trump family gossip, lament some social injustice, and discuss the Dem primary. Oh, we also coin a new species of insect. Lets get #BretBug trending. 

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World on fire (literally)

Everything is burning and people are starting to wake up to it.. but it may be too late. In other news the president continues to decompensate and we're here for it, whether we want to be or not. Another uplifting episode for the entire family!

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Russia is burning and irradiated, Hong Kong is in chaos, Kashmir is heating up, climate change is heating everything up, but meanwhile here it's just business as usual with mass shooting and heartless ICE raids. We manage to cover it all and then some.. more or less. 

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