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Now it’s bullets and bombs

We unpack the would-be mail bomber, and the white supremacist who successfully shot up a synagogue. No witty puns here.. I'm kind of out of them. 

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Kavanaugh - the aftermath

We apologize for being off the air last week. It was just a bit too much to process. But we're back, and we break down what was more or less inevitbale, Jeff Flake's histrionics aside. Also, we discuss the chutzpah of regimes like the one in Saudi Arabia to just off journalists they don't like in the age of Trump, and yea, climate change is totoally going to fuck us, and we're way past the debate stage. Time for mitigation, to whatever extent we can. It's a cheerful episode. So walk on sunshine with us and stuff. 

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First, Rachel recounts her trip to North Dakota, just for fun. Kidding of course, literally no one goes to North dakota for fun. She was helping with the legal case for the Standing Rock Water Rights protestors, and has a lot of interesting insight. A story that, had it not been in the midst of a presidential race, would have been a huge national story. Next, we recap Dr. Chrstine Blasey Ford's testimony to Congress and Kavanaugh's, and oh dear, are there things to discuss.. 

Here are the links Rachel mentioned in the first half of the podcast:


Little feather and family: 
Dion and family: 
Red fawn's legal team: 
Red fawn's use in jail (commissary etc): 
Rattler, family and support committee:
Rattler's before reporting to federal prison
Little feather's website is


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