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Kavanaugh status 9/22/18

And here's where we are as of Saturday 9/22/18. It's getting grosser and grosser.. 

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Kavanaugh status 9/15/18

Go back in time with us (sorry!) as we start to unravel the shitstorm that is the Kavanaugh nomination. 

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The Kavanaugh show hearings..

Rachel rants about how we got to this no-win point and Bob Woodward has a new book. Also, Barry's back and the gloves are off, for what it's worth. 

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RIP John McCain, and stuff..

We dissect the love/lament of the passing of John McCain, and our feeling are.. well.. complicated. Also the sex assault cover-up industry is at it again and there's a prison strike you probably didn't hear about because, well, it's just prisoners so who cares? They don't even go to rural diners. I mean, they might, if they weren't in prison enduring slave labor. 

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Manafort is convicted, Cohen be flippin (it seems) and other fun and frivolity.. 


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