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There are tapes

Well then.. Michael Cohen had a taping fetish.. let's see where this goes. Meanwhile, the administration missed the deadline (again) for reuniting seperated children from their parents, many of whom it looks like were deported. We can't just move on from this.. so we don't. Also a bunch of other awful stuff and bla bla you know the drill. 

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Trump goes all the way to Helsinki to meet Putin and all we got was this lousy treason. At least, that's what we know about. Lord knows what they discussed in private. Meanwhile, everyhing else is also terrible. How's your summer?

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You remember Molly, right? Well you should. She's amazeballs and she's back to give her insight on how damaging and awful Trump's baby jails and forced family seperation policy is. Then we discuss SCOTUS and terrifying the future is for.. well.. anyone who doesn't look like the next SCOTUS justice. It's a heavy one. Drink up. 

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