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Apparently Trump and Republicans have decided ripping screaming kids away from their parents seeking asylum is a good look, and hat tip susan Sarandon, this is sure better than a Clinton Presidency and something something Wall Street speeches. Elections have consequences. But in better news, Rachel's back so you'll actually want to listen to this one. 

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And it'll probably be as big a disappoint with audiences... heyo.. Yea sorry, it's just me as Rachel's under the weather and busy and I'm so sorry, she'll be back this week. Meanwhile, Ivanka's hunky Russian eightlifter "friend" promises her naming and design rights to her own spa in the Trump Tower Moscow and tells Michael Cohen to handle it, but he's got his own deal going, they both fail, and this was all happening DURING THE F'NG CAMPAIGN. So whatever YOYO nothing matters. 

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The media, as usual, is gunning for headline clickbait over facts, so you might be confused about the 2 latest scandals involving Border Patrol and ICE, and we try to help make some sense of it. Later, the Stupid Summit wherein Kim tells Trump how big has hands are and we get nothing of strategic value is set to go on as (previously, before being cancelled last week) planned so maybe don't smelt your commemorative coins just yet. Also, Trump's lawyers send a letter to Mueller saying you can't subpoena him, which means it's inevitable he will be subpoenaed, but with super lawyer Rudy on the case, I'm sure htis will all be wrapped up by Labor Day. Also, some other terrible awful no good things...

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