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And must podcast the night before. Rachel gets some inside info on labor issues at Planned Parenthood of The Rockies and we try to catch up on an awful, scary, horrifying week.(Yes, knowing we have to go Chuck E Cheese Saturday morning, but also, news of the world).

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Final Boss Battle?

So now, almost entirely out of options, we're back to "ZOMG OBAMA WAS SPYING ON US!" Good luck with that. Our friend Sandy the lawyer joins us to decode all this and a bunch of other stuff, so tune in! wait, if you're reading this, you already have. So never mind. 

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Thanks a lot, Rudy

Giuliani can't stop running his mouth and getting his client in more trouble and Michael Cohen has already gotten his client in big trouble, oh and by the way one of us got held up at gunpoint and assaulted.. How was your week?

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Slow week.. not much happened.. so we talked for like 2 and 1/2 hours. Incels are a terrirst group and we get deep into it and before the we unpack some of the local realites of the Steny Hoyer/Intercept DCCC fiasco garbage fire crap. Grab a stiff drink or 3. 

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