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A plethora of crap..

We got a gross pervy rapist doctor being sentenced to life for molesting Olympic gymnasts, the RNC's finance chair is a gross pervy rapist, the gross pervy rapist President did in fact try to fire Mueller last year, and hell, even Hillary Clinton had a gross perv (although not allegedly a rapist) in her midst in 2008, which she handled questionably. I didn't think this week's episode necessarily had a theme, but there it is.. 

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Shut it Down

The government shutdown with one party in control of everything and I got is this lousy both sides narrative. Also, this year's Women's March is just as big as the first one. So there's that. We'll likely be re-visiting the first topic in a few weeks. 

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Today we have on former University of Miami football player Austin Pfenninger to discuss life as an FBS fotball player, the lack of athlete compensation, the major gaps in healthcare, and the conflict of interest in treating player injuries and the push to get injured players back on the field. 

Later we touch on the fire and fury over Fire and Fury, the book Trump hates so much that he can't help but remind everyone every 5 minutes exists, and then embodies every trait clamied in the book he denies. So much 5-dimensional chess with this guy. Also, yea, Hawaii thought they were getting nuked while we were recording and we didn't know. Sorry. 

Austin Pfenninger on Twitter:

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Goodbye 2017. You sucked ass

Well, that sure sucked. We recap the year that was 2017 and rifle through some current-ish events. What more is there to say? 2017 made 2016 look like a party. Will 2018 be better? it almost can't help but be, but prepare for the worst with us. 

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