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Harmon Leon is back and he has a new book: Meet The Deplorables. We talk all about it and stuff and I grill him for personal anecotes and pick his brain like the drooling fanboy I am. Sorry.

Follow him on Twitter: immediately now. 

On the second half, Rachel and I mourn for our terrifying reality and ponder how many shots of cheap vokka it would take to forget all about 2017, remembering we felt the exact way this time of year last year. Merry Christmas!

And attached, here's my amazing tree, just to show you we aren't participants in the War on Christmas. Maybe we'll get a Hannukah bush next year. 


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Sarah Burris joins us live and in the flesh along with our friend Lindsay to discuss the awful/no good/everyone hates it but we're gonna do it anway cause MAGA who cares whatever lol tax bill, along with the Flynn/Russiagate news, Roy Moore stuff, and all kinds of other tasty morsels of abject sadness and incredulity. Mimosas were consumed. There's more profanity and fuckallery in this one than in the new Frances McDormand Billboards movie. 

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