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Gold Star jackass

Trump keeps insulting Gold Star families, Republicans cheer, 'cause you know support the troops and stuff. Also, General Kelly, media darling, is a lying asshole... surprise surprise. Meanwhile Nazis invade the University of Florida and more from the Weinstein fallout. 

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Trump declares war..

on, well, everyone.. People who need halethcare, world peace, Puerto Ricans, you name it. The Stein voters are racking up the wins, but don't tell them. You couldn't if you wanted to, as most are in hiding. Meanwhile we dive deep into the Weinstein horror and in general the epidemic of powerful men using their money and influence to sexcually terrorize young women. Expect a lot more famous names to be revealed as engaging in this sort of behavior.


Hey, Halloween's almost here! :D

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But don't tell Trump or his sycophants that. Meanwhile, rich and powerful men do gross things but now it's a partisan issue, more specifically Hillary Clinton's fault. Also, everything sucks. We discuss sunshine rainbows and puppies for your listening pleasure. 

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Dotard In Chief Drumpf is very offended that people are dying in Puerto Rico and not kissing his ass for being completely incapable/uninterested in helping the situation, so, the exact scenario we warned you about before and after election day is happening, and real people are dying directly due to an incompetent and disinterested executive branch, but boy that protest vote felt good, huh? Elsewhere, everything still sucks. 

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Rachel and Dana hold down the fort while I'm away and cover the latest NFL Anthem kneeling kerfuffle. Apparently this matters, wlthough they didn't even come out of the locker room for the Anthem before 2009, so whatever. Mewnawhile, Betsy Devos is trying to gut Title IX for the Men's Rights Activists. No, seriously. 

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