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As the walls close in..

More and more Trump/Russia shit hits the fan as he hits the road to touch mysterious orbs in exotic lands.. and guess what, Melania seems to hate his guts too. Shocking? Nah, not really.. Meanwhile, there's a special congressional election coming up in Montana that looks like it'll be way closer than it should be, and Rachel has yet another piece of her mind to give to Bernie dead-enders who hate the Democratic Party more than Trump and Paul Ryan. 

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That's kosher, right? Wow... here we go. 

Meanwhile, a big on personal responsitiblity Republican's dog mauled Travis's dog and guess who doesn't want to pay the bill.. And Rachel relates a personal story about how Republicans wish her best firend was dead from lack of health insurance and will try to make sure you and your firends might end up that way too. 

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Toward murdering us, not to mention our Trump - voting relatives and cool hip Stein voting friends via making healthcare completely unaffordable. We unravel all the ins and outs and tell you what you can do to resist. A must listen episide. 

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Trump still really really really wants to pass his NotObamacare flaming bag of dog crap and at least one chamber of Congress might be dumb enough to do it.

Meanwhile, Rachel and I try to figure out wtf the Democratic party is doing and what we stand for. 

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