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Ossoff turns heads in GA, Bernie Sanders shows signs of possible dementia and/or incredible pointless ego, and O'Reilly is out. We get down and dirty and go back to some of the extreme lowlights from the Andrea Mackris case. Warning: graphic, gross, and disturbing. 

Also, Rachel relays a very personal story about her own experience with sexual harrassment. (also gross, graphic, and disturbing)

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much the adulation of the fawning press. Bad positive reinforecement, guys. Hasn't anyone had a dog? In any event, O'Reilly could be on his way to the Applachian Trail and Rachel shares her own stories of street harassment. 

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Harmon Leon talks shop

God what a lame term. Talks shop? Really? We need new headline writers. Oh yea, that's me. Anyway, the great writer, comedian, gonzo journalist, and all around great guy Hamron Leon joins us, for some reason (the guy's been on This American Life and Howard Stern for fuck's sake) to talk about his work, the current state of politics, and just stuff in general. We're kind of giant fans so we try not to just drool and coo at him like groupies.. and we sorta manage.. 


See all of Harmon's stuff here:




Stuff of Harmon's to buy immediately now


and on Twitter:


Harmon on Twitter

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Governing is hard you guys..

Trump/Ryan/FuckallCare crashes and burns and it's all the fault of the Freedom Caucus.. or democrats.. or something. Governing is hard. Meanwhile those pesky intelligence agencies and Congresional intelligence committee people won't get off the Russia thing. Governing is hard. 

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