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Sarah Burris is back

Sarah is back to relate her Women's March DC experience while we dicsuss ours in Denver. Then we commiserate about he who shall not be named and what the possible outcomes of this psycho circus are, and if/how the media can figure out how to cover it going forward. Fun for the whole family, except for grandma, (well, someone's anyway) who doesn't appreciate us pointing out the the Boomer generation helped carry Cheetoh Von Clownstick to the White House, and why dont we get a haircut and a job already, not to mention we'll go blind if we sit that close to the TV.. 

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Hail to the Thief

So, we really have to go through with this huh? It's not just a recurring SNL skit that's run its course?

Yea.. here we are. Inauguration day.. or so we hear. We didn't f---ing watch. We do have ideas on how to join or form your own resistance though. Do try this at home. The future of our democracy literally f---ing depends on it.

The F- bombs are for the hippie film fest lady Rachel met today.


Click here: (Rachel got the URL wrong in the podcast) -


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Trav solo

No, not murdered by his emo son.. I have no son, emo or otherwise. Rachel was away dealing with some family issues so they left me alone to rant at you for 90 minutes. Bad idea? You decide. (spoiler: probably)

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Welcome to 2017, comrades

I bet you didn't think your dad, who a few years ago thought Putin's invasion of The Ukraine warranted military intervention to finally shoot at the Ruskies, is now just fine with Putin and Russia manipulating our election. Well it's a new world now. And what a wonderful precedent. My outrage isn't with Trump, who has no business being there and is on some sort of buisness/vanity trip at our nation's expense, but with all his supporters who go along with it because "we won." Rachel thinks some dads won't stand for it. I think they totally will. After all, no one had a problem with questionable Middle East oil interests propping up the Bush family, so who cares if the Russians dangle our president like a marionette? What could go wrong? Mom, America, Apple Pie, and Оранжевый Московский кукольный.

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Good riddance 2016

Rachel and I bid a not-so-fond farewell to 2016 and describe a litanny of New Year's Eve rituals we will engage in to try to stave off the inevitable shitburger that 2017 is shaping up to be.

Happy New Year! =D

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