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Girls only

The laides of IT take over for this one, as Sarah Burris, our old friend Molly, and Rachel relate their perspectives on what this all means to them, and women in general. 

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So, that happened..

We think. Our state of denial and shock is fairly extreme right now, so who's to say this isn't all some hallucanegenic drug inspired bad trip for the ages? Failing that, we're now in the President Clownstick era, and we're here to try to make some sense of it for you, and ourselves, if that's remotely possible.

New show guest Gwyn is here to give her take on what's in the mind of Trump voters, and maybe a fresh perspective on why we should pay some attention, along with discussing trans issues and her own personal journey. 

It's a great show, in the midst of an epically horrific week, for what that's worth. 

We're not going anywhere. 

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