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Weiner strikes again

Rachel and I dissect James Comey's decision to make the last 11 days before the election more unbearable than they already were. Gee, thanks, dick. Also we discuss how we lamentably can't get behind Colorado's single payer Healthcare referendum and Clarence Thomas, of all people, sorta back in the news for what he does best. (Hint: it's not protecting the Constitution)

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............ out of things to say. We're just praying for it all to end (this campaign). 


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Sarah Burris of Raw Story is back to talk about the campaign that has gone off the rails, as we wait to see how many Americans are ok with a real life sexual abuser of women, since he has an R next to his name, or because his name isn't Hillary Clinton. So far, not that many fewer than before this all came to light. 

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And the shitshow commences..

Well, we knew the shit would hit the fan with the farcical Trump "campaign" and it finally did today.. when it was revealed Trump said some pretty disgusting things about women, and well, now it seems the media has finally caught on this is more of some kind of deranged assclown than a legit presidential candidate. So, we talk about it.. the only opinions that

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Raw Story's Sarah Burris joins us again in the 2d half as we dissect the debate, the state of the race, and what's with these obnoxious millennial hipsters supporting Gary Johnson. (My phone really wanted to say Gary Coleman, which would have made for an interesting discussion as well)

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