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Back in town..

Trav and Rach return from Florida and all they got was a lousy cold and impending kidney stone surgery. But hey it was fun.. (the trip that is). Rachel even got an unexpected kiss from a stranger. Men are truly scary creatures. We talk about the state of the race, the state of race (horrifyingly) and yet another slate of police shootings of black men who were seemingly no threat to police but killed anyway, cuz 'Murica. There are more laughs in the 1st half of this one than the 2d half, so plan accordingly. 

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While the cats are away..

Trav and Rach head down to Florida dodging Zika and hanging with Mr. Mouse while Dana and Brenna fill in and talk about the election, more questionable police shootings, and BLM. It's a good one.. don't miss it. 

Sorry for the delays. Computer crashes, kidney stones, out of state trips.. oh my!

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Well, the title pretty much says it all. We're starting to hate everything. Also, jackass trolls on twitter think Hillary needs an earpiece to handle Matt Lauer's inane questions. Lol.. sure, assholes. 

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So.. Trump appears very "presidential" to some dimwitted beltway hacks, who then hours later look even more dimwitted when he gives a psychotic, rambling, fascist diatribe in Arizona. Nice job guys. Also, something something Hillary email benghazi foundation Weiner brain tumor or something. I hate this cycle. 

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