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A (slight) oldie but goodie this week about Ted Cruz and his love for Campbell's Chunky Soup. 

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Well this was something different. Travis and his new friend Kevin grill Republican Colorado CD1 US House of Reps candidate Wesley "Casper" Stockham, who was brave enough to head into enemy territory and meet some young Democrats. It was... interesting to say the least. 

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Attack of the Greens..

We get an email from a former Bernie for Colorado person urging us to help Republicans by voting for unknown Green party people here in local/state races. Rachel offers them a piece of her mind.. hold on to your butts..

Also our friend Sarah Burris gets propositioned by Martin Shkreli on Twitter and Trump says some insane shit or another. Who can keep track?

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Talking local activism, as in, you can and should do it.

Local activist Jermaine Charles joins as we discuss some local and state advocacy groups he's a part of, as well as Trump's very bad, no good week. Have a listen, won't you? Thank you. 

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Sarah survived the DNC, and tells us about it

Sarah Burris of is back, fresh from her 2d DNC, to tell us all about her 4 days in Philly. You don't want to miss this. Also, we introduce a new segment, in the spirit of Wait, Wait, don't Tell me... (yea ok we ripped them off, a little)

Also, Trump is in town (as in ours, Denver), insulting firefighters and blocking traffic. So there's that. 

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