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Talking millennial angst with Sarah Burris of Raw Story

Journo, photog, fellow angsty millennial and all around badass Sarah K Burris joins us as we brim with excitement over Hillary picking Tim Kaine for the veep slot...        Zzzzzzzzzzzzz...     huh?       oh.. sorry...

And revel at the unholy clusterfuck that was the RNC, looking ahead to the just regular clusterfuck that may well be the DNC, which she's attending next week. Buckle up, buttercups.. 

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Sorry for the delay. On this episode we talk to Dafna about the evolution of her campaign to defeat Joann Windholz, as well as other odds and ends in the news. As a special treat, Jeremiah of Travis's band Teethofwolves is in town and does a love in-studio performance. 

Click here, or you're not my real friend: Dafna Michaelson Jenet for CO House District 30

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After Dallas..

Yet another one of these "after" episodes, wherein someone with a gun reigns terror on a city. This time on police officers, opening up yet another can of worms in the midst of a crossroads of law enforcement, race, oh and a presidential election. Quite a time.. and we make sense of it for you. Well, try to. 

Also, no charges for Hillary and Bernie set to endorse, much to the chagrin of some holdout Bernie supporters. That'll show him..err.. her.. err..something. 

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Longtime friend Raul Tano joins us as we discuss whether Gary Johnson is on drugs or is just naturally a goofy, creepy asshole. Also guns. Ok, really it's all about guns. We get perspective from a Libertarian 2d Amendment originalist, and, shockingly, we have a few minor disagreements on the topic. In the last bit we try (in vain) to recap the week's news, including the idea of Trump the pedophile/child rapist? We're not making the allegation, but lament the lack of reporting that someone is, and their case is more compelling than you'd think. 

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