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Cortland Coffey (DNC delegate), Brexit, and a whole bunch more…

An epic episode (in length, and content) as Philly-bound DNC Bernie delegate Cortland Coffey joins us.. and hoooooo boy, does he divulge some fascinating stuff. Earlier in the evening, Dana, Rachel, and Cortland got to hang out with Corey Booker, and there's all kinds of great stuff there. We also talk Brexit, and a bunch more on our minds. 

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Post Orlando..

Our first show after another massacre by a hateful, sick man armed with military-grade weaponry.. and it seems Congressional Democrats finally develop enough of a spine to spur possible action.. we'll see. Also Trump's brutal week and Bernie's long, slow, never-ending farewell tour. 

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Yes, the Democratic primary is over..

Despite whatever Jeff Weaver and Shaun King are still saying.. and Arliss Bunny from the Hopping Mad podcast to put Hillary's nomination in historical context and of course to rip on Trump. 

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Hillary 1, Trump 0 (get used to these daily tallies)

Hillary trolls Trump with epic foreign policy speech to try to get him to melt down, so he melts down. Also, JetBlue thinks women of a certain attire a threat to the morality of air travel and Bernie hates superdelegates so much, he keeps telling everyone they're going to help him win. 

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