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Rachel and I delve deep into the Baylor football rape cover-up fiasco (starring the one and only Ken Starr, 'cause of course) and then discuss the great Bernie/Trump debate that was never to e, as well as lamenting the shitshow that this whole Dem primary has become. Thank God it's finally nearly over (we think). 

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(A little) Common sense reigns in Oklahoma and more bathroom bill talk..

Dana joins us as we iron out the audio problems and bemoan how all the talk of awful North Carolina HB2 is solely about bathrooms before promptly focusing almost entirely on bathrooms. Sorry.. Also Dana deconstructs the similarities/differences between the Nevada state convention and Colorado's (which he attended). 

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And now, a word from my spokesman..

Who just happens to sound exactly like me in tone, syntax, inflection, and incredible insecurity. The Donald likes to play little games like this, but that suits Paul Ryan, apparently. Also, lots of local stuff to discuss like an intrepid young high school student standing up to school board bullies (i.e. cheap Republican assholes driving out qualified teachers).

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Then This IS real life? (You wanted Trump, you got Trump)

Greg Dworkin joins us to try to process the new reality, that Donald Trump is in fact going to be the GOP nominee. Republicans are freaking out. Some of them might actually support Hillary? We're skeptical, but Greg tries to convince us it isn't that crazy.

In the 2d half, we talk about all the horrific things Republican state houses are doing under the cover of presidential race coverage. Spoiler: it's bad. 

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