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You’re (not) doin fine Oklahoma.. Oklahoma.. oy vey

Oh Oklahoma. Our friends to the southeast just can't seem to get it right. Whether it's trying to criminalize abortion doctors for doing their job or refusing federal money to expand Medicaid, they're trying to become the new Kansas, screwing their own people to spite Obama and folks like us, who don't even live there. Not to mention common sense, decency, and reason. This new controversy may take the cake though. Rachel will explain.

Also Ted Cruz is still from outer space but now has a lady surrogate, and Bernie changes tact heading into the home stretch. 
Finally, we're excited to announce we're on NetRoots Radio! This episode will be broadcast Saturday 4/30 at 7:30 PM PT and again on Sunday 9:00 AM PT.

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Soup’s On

Rachel, Molly, and I try to keep it together whole recounting the Ted Cruz newlywed 100 cans of Chunky Soup saga, and fail. Also, a quick recap of last night's debate and a few updates on the buyer's remorse for the North Carolina state house and their anti-LGBT law they hoped would fly under the radar. It didn't. Is Tennessee next? Remember our very 1st episode re: secession? Seems less crazy with each passing day. Speaking of crazy, Sarah Palin proclaims she's every bit the scientist Bill Nye is, and laugh all you want but this person is still very much a surrogate for the GOP presidential frontrunner. Maybe even his potential running mate. I mean, who else is gonna do it? 

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Foot in Mouth Disease (campaign season strain)

Boy did they step in it this week. First Bernie questioning "qualifications," then Bill with all kinds of wrong confronting BLM protesters. Maybe the men should just quiet down for a minute. Voices carry... Anyway, Molly and Rachel do some what you might call venting, but in all honesty it's one of the better shows we've done. Wake grandma and the kids for this one. The gloves are off. 

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The Panama Papers aren’t for rolling joints..

At least it doesn't sound like it. We tackle what little we know about this growing world-wide tax evasion scandal (They're pissed in Iceland - and it takes a LOT to get them pissed) and take a look at tomorrow's Wisconsin primaries, today's rarely unanimous SCOTUS decision, and some other odds and ends. It's slap-dash, ill-prepared, and fairly stream of consciousness. Probably one of our better episodes. Shout-outs to some new listeners and email writers. 

Check out tomorrow's live stream coverage of the Wisconsin primaries:

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Interview with CO House 30 candidate Dafna Michaelson Jenet

As we've discussed repeatedly, we have organized to take back the Colorado House seat in District 30 from Joann Windholz, and last night we interviewed a very interesting candidate who is set to challenge Windholz in November. Dafna (pronounced Dahf-nah) Michaelson Jenet is running as a Democrat and has quite an impressive resume of public works and community outreach she brings to the table. Rachel, Dana and I ask some tough questions and Mrs. Michaelson Jenet has some very interesting answers. You don't want to miss this.

Regularly scheduled kvetching will resume next episode. 

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