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Recapping the GOP “debate” and looking ahead to Super Tuesday

"The fruit salad of their lives." That's what Ben Carson will look at when picking a Supreme Court Justice to nominate. That's reassuring. Still, that was probably the most sensible, mature thing said at last night's poo-slinging debacle billed as a debate. 

Trav's flying solo for this one as Rachel caught his cold an everyone else has a "life" tonight, it would seem. The nerve of them. There's also some Super Tuesday prognostication, recap of Bernie's sit down wit Chris Matthews, a simple explanation of why Hillary's got a grip on a solid part of Obama's coalition, and news of how a certain GOP governor is in a world of shit. (as he should be) 
All this and more-... well... no, that's really about it. 

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Colorado caucus pre-game and NV GOP Caucus results

We introduce a new friend, Molly, who's chock full of good info about politics at all levels, including here in Colorado. We hope she becomes a regular IT fixture. Meanwhile, Trav battles a plague of snot and everyone in NV battles Trump in vain, who looks pretty damn unstoppable right now. Looks like Rubio will snag 2d though, so expect Mark Halperin and and John Heilemann to dry hump a cardboard cutout of his likeness on their show tomorrow. Also expect lots of complaints and accusations about all kinds of caucus shenanigans, as reports from all over the state make it sound like shit is B-A-N-A-N-A-S over there... so good times. 

Lots of good banter in this one about politics of all kinds. Enjoy. 

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Audio from the Nevada caucus/SC primary live stream

Miss the wonky, cunning commentary on today's results? Looking for some consolation if you're a downtrodden Bernie supporter? Need to hear some pundits not anointing Rubio as king of the universe for losing his 3d contest in a row? Well, you might get some of that, or we might just laugh at Jeb's expense. (Au revoir, mon ami. Trump won't have Jeb! to kick around any more - although he still probably will) So enjoy a quick recap.. a quickie, if you will. (Will you? You've got our email)

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SC and Nevada pregame, plus bad math news for Bernie :(

'Twas the night before the Nevada caucus and SC primary and all through the house, Trav was fighting a shitty cold and Rachel was fighting the patriarchy, as usual. Ok, maybe she wasn't exactly fighting it specifically this episode, but always in spirit. No, instead we previewed tomorrow night's Dem. Nevada caucus and GOP SC primary which we'll be live streaming right here: Irreverent Testimony Live Stream channel. Because we know there's no way you'd rather spend your Saturday night staying home to watch us bring you primary results. Party on! 

Also, Trav breaks down the delegate math for upcoming primaries and caucuses, and..... I sure hope Bernie knows how to pull a few thousand rabbits out of a few thousand hats. 

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RIP Antonin Scalia and GOP debate recap

Yes, I'm saying Rest in Peace to one of the most reviled political figures in progressive circles. And while he was alive I was certainly one who reviled most of his jurisprudence. But, it's just not how I roll.  With that said, there are obviously huge political ramifications, and we delve into them the best we can. 

Also, we watched a stage full of escaped deranged circus clowns who claim to be running for president on the GOP ticket, and it was wildly entertaining. Must-see TV. 

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Democratic Debate flash reactions with Arliss Bunny

Arliss hops back on the podcast with Trav and Rachel as we discuss the first post-New Hampshire debate. Would Hillary find her footing with Bernie going for the knockout? We have an opinion or 2, obviously. 


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And now, for everything else..

On today's episode, we take a break from the presidential race to talk about everything else in the news... Well, sorta. There's some Hillary in there, but we discuss Beyonce's "controversial" (read: scary black people are scary to good Midwestern white folk just trying to watch football players give each other brain damage during the Super Bowl) video and Super Bowl halftime performance, and Rudy Giuliani haz a sad cuz stop scaring the poor cops and white people! :(

Also, the DOJ is suing Ferguson, Tamir Rice's family gets a past due murder bill from the city, last stand for the Oregon bird sanctuary occupiers, and we address a listener question re: Colorado's single-payer health care proposal. So have a listen or 3, won't you? Thank you.
Check out Beyonce's new badass video here:
More info re: the significance and symbolism of Beyonce's video from Dr. Zandria Robinson, here:
The lame Hillary hit piece trailers that launched Citizens United:

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New Hampshire Primary night live stream podcast

Well, here you go. There was little suspense, but we break it down for you. We took the audio from the live video stream that I'm sure you were all watching. But in case you weren't, here's a podcast version. There are some audio issues and such, but whatever. Feel the Bern yet? Rachel's getting there..

If you want to see our pretty faces to go along with it:

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New Live Stream Tonight!

We're live streaming the New Hampshire primary results tonight again, and we got a fancy new webcam ($20 on Amazon) so you can see our gorgeous telegenic faces in super-ultra high def realism and clarity... or at least that's what the box says. You be the judge. See us discuss the live returns and pontificate about what it all means, with the off chance that some of it might be factually correct! 

Will the runaway Bernie locomotive hit into high gear or will Hillary shock everyone like she did in NH in '08? Will Trump finally not be a loser, and if he does will he cry and wail and kvetch like an old lady who got to the deli 10 mins. too late for the early bird special and demands to see the manager? Will Rubio declare himself king of the universe and deliver a 2 hour victory speech with a 3d place finish? 
The fun starts at 6:30 MT, 8:30 EST. Tune in! (turning on and dropping out however are completely optional)

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Last GOP debate before New Hampshire

An exciting night (well for a while) as Carson refuses to come out to the podium when introduced, Christie goes right after Rubio and Rubio gets stuck in the Princess Bride revenge loop. Trump rubs Jeb!'s nose in the poop and Jeb! just kinda takes it. What is it they say about going out with a whimper? Also bla bla bla moar torture, moar war, illegal immigrants are the cause of everything bad, and Rachel and Dana get into a more heated debate than anyone on stage. Fireworks!

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