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How's that Latino outreach going, Reince Priebus? Of course this question becomes rhetorical when you realize you're asking this of someone named "Reince Priebus." Anyway, any misplaced hopes this might actually be a thing for the GOP in 2016 has now been destroyed, mangled, butchered, and sent careening in the opposite direction. This likely was going to happen regardless of The Donald's entry into the race, but now it's warp speed ahead.. Let's alienate, denigrate, and insult anyone and everyone with a recent-generational immigrant background we can find (hell even current candidates are disavowing themselves). 

As a bonus, we have exclusive coverage of a never heard before Trump presser laying out his specific policy proposals. You wouldn't want to miss that for all the frijoles in México, amigos!

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Right Wing But So Wrong

In this episode, we go polling! Well, actually we just read some statistics from public opinion polls so we can argue about them. We tackle some of the toughest subjects around, such as gun control, immigration, abortion, marriage equality and the death penalty in this not-so-light-hearted look at how so many Republican politicians are wrong about so many things. We also bring back our recurring segment, "The Devil and the Advocate" which is sure to please misinformed Satanists everywhere.

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GOP Debate Round-up

On a dark August night in Cleveland, 17 of this nation's finest leaders assembled to share their collective vision of how to restore America to it's former glory, after eight hellish years under Socialist rule. I know what you're thinking... that first statement is ridiculous. All nights are dark, so that's just redundant.

We discuss the first of many upcoming Republican debates and wind up doing precisely what we tried not to do - talking mostly about Trump. We then break down each and every candidate's performance and play a lively Word Association game. Finally, we wrap up with some actual Democrat talk and analyze Bernie Sanders' sudden rise in the polls and his relationship with the Black Lives Matter movement.
You want to know the real agenda behind Fox News' questioning strategy? Which candidates did well and who should be apologizing to all their campaign donors after embarrassing themselves? All these answers and more on this episode of Irreverent Testimony.

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To Secede Or Not To Secede…

In this episode, we examine the issue of modern-day secession by the Southern states. If that sounds ridiculous, you obviously aren't on the "Rick Perry for President" bandwagon. We walk through the various scenarios for secession, evaluate its plausibility and even nominate a new President for the South (sorry Perry, not you). Enjoy this decidedly irreverent and entertaining look at the current political climate from a far-left POV with a heavy dose of snarky commentary. We humbly submit to you our Irreverent Testimony.

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