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Die Hard movie commentary

Well, yes, Die Hard is a Christmas move, period, and we do a running commentary for you.. 'cause why not?

To watch the movie and follow along, start this track as soon as the 20th Century Fox logo appears on the screen. 

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And… it’s another shutdown

Trump says he wants a shutdown, gets it, then says it's all Dems fault, and The Hill et al. dutifully yell about "both sides." So whatever.. this should work out great. Meanwhile, the wheels are coming off, total chaos, cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria, etc. 

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A wacko judge in Texas declared the entire ACA unconstitutional, which likely means.. well, nothing, for now. And Republicans.. rejoice? Doubtful. Meanwhile Rachel enlightens us as to gross injustice in the ironic era of conservatives pretending to care about victims of trafficking and sex crimes and Trump is so deep in the shit with Mueller it's surprising we can see his yellow mop head peak out from the top.. 

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The wolves are at the door..

Things are heating up for Individual 1, but before that we discuss how some gross overreaction the name of trafficking might change social media forever, crazy racist ladies cutting students' hair without their consent, and some various this n that. I know you all tune in for the this n that. Oh.. and there's some Mueller stuff for ya. 

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