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As the buzzards circle..

Comey and co. are ready to talk about Trump and the Russians.. better late than never? Not even sure. We have our doubts as to how much he's going to do. Meanwhile there's a SCOTUS nominee Dems are bound to roll over and confirm despite the Garland fiasco. One day our spine will come..

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We’re not sick anymore..

But the country? Well that's another story.. Republicans launch a health care bill everyone hates, Mike Flynn was cheating on Russia while cheating on The US? This guy gets around. The Trump/Russia interference fiasco is more incestual than you can imagine, and David Frum thinks Trump will start winning hearts and minds if nothing happens and Trump just stops beign Trump. 

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Hanging on for dear life..

Oh not just the country, we fight off the last vestiges of the flu and Travis barely finds the enrgy to talk. So it's mostly Rachel in this one.. and let's face it, that's what who you're tuning in for anyway. Anyway, conservatives love Russia now and how many times will the need to double/triple down on that horse? Also, we argue about something but I literally don't remember what it was about so it was obviously crucially important. 

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